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 What I like....

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Power Hungry Crew
Power Hungry Crew

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PostSubject: What I like....   What I like.... Icon_minitimeMon Mar 09, 2009 11:42 am

What I like the most about the Fantasy Genre is the various types of magical creatures/beings/entities/whateveryouwanttocallthem. I'm particularly fond of witches, that's what I write about most in my WIPs. I'll read just about anything that has to do with fighting demons and other creatures.

"For the love of Darkness. Can't a daemon appreciate art and the slow torture of a mortal equally?" - Zandier

"This is absolutely ridiculous. You're going to kill hundreds, maybe even thousand of people, cause riots and chaos everywhere, then expect me and Samuel to clean up the mess." - Cecilia
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What I like....
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