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 Plan #1...sort of

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Power Hungry Crew
Power Hungry Crew

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Plan #1...sort of Empty
PostSubject: Plan #1...sort of   Plan #1...sort of Icon_minitimeTue Feb 16, 2010 6:49 am

Somehow, someway, someday I will get more people in here. I have a few tentative promotional ideas at this point, but I'm reluctant to share until I've made concrete decisions on them. I want to make sure that I do this the right way this time so the people who come here will enjoy their stay and want to come back.

I have been considering changing the look, but to be honest, I rather think the current one is perfect. It fits so well into the Fantasy theme I want to associate my forum with.

I have finally created the photo gallery. It only has a few pics in it at this time, but I will add more as the days follow. I just have to find all my pics first. Very Happy Also I have a favorite pic of mine in my personal album, this is something I encourage you to create as it can go a long way to show others what aspects of fantasy you like, which artists are your favorites (mine is Luis Royo), and what you hope to achieve in your own Fantasy work. And I took the small step of improving the smilies by adding a few and rearranging those that will most likely be used most. Made various other small changes like that as well; added point system and character sheet. All in all not much, I know, but at least it was something. Very Happy

"For the love of Darkness. Can't a daemon appreciate art and the slow torture of a mortal equally?" - Zandier

"This is absolutely ridiculous. You're going to kill hundreds, maybe even thousand of people, cause riots and chaos everywhere, then expect me and Samuel to clean up the mess." - Cecilia
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Plan #1...sort of
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