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 Excerpt from Immortal

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Power Hungry Crew

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PostSubject: Excerpt from Immortal   Excerpt from Immortal Icon_minitimeTue Feb 16, 2010 8:53 am

This is the Fantasy story that I've been working on lately. Parts of it have already gone through my personal brand of editing, but what I am going to share with you is completely unedited... so please excuse all of the mistakes. I just thought it would be cool to share some of my work for a change and I am really in love with this story. Incidently I don't think I can even make my word count, which I would like to be 70k with this one as the story seems like it's not going to take that long to tell. *shrug*



“Look at the people around you Makayla. Out of all of them, those that you’ve held closest to your heart, only Samuel is truly good. All of the rest…” he grinned. “…you get my point.”

She thought about it; Cecilia, a daemon, Solana, a daemon, Niberius, a daemon. How could she have not seen this before?

“You only cling to him because of what he’s done for you. But you don’t belong with him or his kind. Makayla you know this to be true. Look in your heart, at your true nature that you’ve been trying to deny all these long years. It’s in your blood darling girl.”

“You’re lying,” she whimpered. She knew it was the truth though. She had known it for some time now. No matter how she had tried to deny it, nothing could take away the simple fact that the daemon standing before her, the one who was prophesied to end her life, was her father.

She watched as if not in control as her hand lowered and the knife clattered onto the hard ground. She watched her fingers entwine with Candoku’s. Her feet began to move toward the purple light ahead. The closer she came, the darker the color seemed, and the more she began to relax. Every ache relieved, every broken limb repaired, even all her sorrow and fear were gone, just like that.

She was going home.

"For the love of Darkness. Can't a daemon appreciate art and the slow torture of a mortal equally?" - Zandier

"This is absolutely ridiculous. You're going to kill hundreds, maybe even thousand of people, cause riots and chaos everywhere, then expect me and Samuel to clean up the mess." - Cecilia
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Excerpt from Immortal
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