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 So Here's The Deal...

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Power Hungry Crew
Power Hungry Crew

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PostSubject: So Here's The Deal...   So Here's The Deal... Icon_minitimeTue Feb 16, 2010 9:01 am

I have to have my little nod to the Looney Bin (I love the chance for shameless plugs) CHECK IT OUT!!

My friend Christine (Greeny) runs the joint and it's tons of fun and there's lots to do. She has a great setup over there and I think you should definitely check it out and join us there. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful always. Wink

And because this is Crazy Lane...and I'm mentioning the Looney Bin.... I might as well....

So Here's The Deal... Straightjacket

C'mon, admit it. You knew it was coming didn'tcha? Very Happy

"For the love of Darkness. Can't a daemon appreciate art and the slow torture of a mortal equally?" - Zandier

"This is absolutely ridiculous. You're going to kill hundreds, maybe even thousand of people, cause riots and chaos everywhere, then expect me and Samuel to clean up the mess." - Cecilia
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So Here's The Deal...
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